Economics and Business Economics

From individuals to businesses and governments, we all make choices every day. Economics is the science of choice, from the personal (Why do you buy what you do?) to the public (How do government policies affect consumer behaviour?). Business economics, meanwhile, is about solving specific problems within companies (How can we as a company get consumers to choose our product?). Understanding the choices that all these players make is essential in today’s globalising society, where consumer choices and business opportunities are multiplying by the hour. You’ll not only learn the economic theory but will also develop the practical skills for analysing specific problems and the professional skills for presenting your solutions. You’ll be well-qualified to advise businesses, consumers and even policy makers on economic issues. This opens up a wide range of career opportunities to you and will help you succeed at whichever path you choose.  

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This study
National average
Student satisfaction
4.2 This study
4.0 National average
Number of first year students
285 This study
320 National average
First year contact hours
6-12 This study
12-18 National average
Flow to second year
82%This study
77% National average
Diploma within 4 years
89% This study
77% National average
Job within 6 months
70%This study
70% National average
  • I’m reading children’s books in Dutch to improve my language skills because I want to stay here after graduation
    Lisa Ratz, Economics and Business Economics – Economics and Management of Information