Media Studies: Digital Cultures

Are you fascinated by digital cultures? Would you like to understand how new technologies are changing the ways that we not only interact with each other, but how they are changing society itself? Do you have your sights set on a career in the media world, digital humanities, or the cultural industries? Do you see yourself in a role in contemporary media practices that bridges technology, policy, and innovation? If so, Media Studies: Digital Cultures may be the right choice for you.

The programme combines theory and practice in how digital technologies have transformed the ways we share and distribute information, understand the past, interact with each other and spend our leisure time. The digital has changed the terms of engagement with areas as diverse as politics and culture: while it can function as a force for good in democratising participation, production, and sharing, it can also be exploitative, introducing new forms of control and surveillance. As the digital pervades all aspects of our lives, traditional media and analogue culture are being reshaped in new and complex interrelationships. The master's programme in Media Studies: Digital Cultures combines theory and reflection with  praxis and making. It will provide you with a wide skill set in digital tools and research methods to become both a media researcher and an active player in a wide range of industries and cultural and heritage organisations in today’s digitally-mediated world.

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Ciara Kristensen, Student Ambassador Media Studies: Digital Cultures

“I have always loved films and have been working on filmsets since I was about 15 years old. I began volunteering at film festivals around Scotland and coordinating my own small, student-run festival at my bachelor’s university. My main short-term goal is to find a festival where I can complete my internship as part of the Digital Cultures course. Looking a bit further ahead, I have formed the personal ambition to work in film festival curatorship or promotions someday.

I chose Maastricht University because the course is quite unique and innovative. The programme combines some theory with a lot of practical projects and teaches us a wide range of skills. Projects include different areas that I haven’t had experience with so far, such as podcasting and a 3D animation projects. In the second half of the programme, we are offered the chance to do an internship, followed by an extensive master’s thesis. What also makes the experience interesting is that students and staff all come from different places and have very diverse backgrounds.

Maastricht is a beautiful city with lots of culture and history. When I first came here, a local guide told me all about the history of the Stadspark (City Park) and its outdoor zoos. I’m surprised at how many people have never heard of the turtle pond! It’s definitely my favourite place.”

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Ciara Kristensen, Student Ambassador MA Media Studies Digital Cultures 2021-2022

“The programme combines some theory with a lot of practical projects and teaches us a wide range of skills.”

Before coming to Maastricht, Ciara finished a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

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