Media Studies: Digital Cultures

Are you fascinated by digital cultures? Would you like to understand how new technologies are changing the ways that we not only interact with each other, but how it is changing society itself? Do you have your sights set on a career in the media world, digital humanities, or the cultural industries? Do you see yourself in a role in contemporary media practices that bridges technology, policy, and innovation? If so, Media Studies: Digital Cultures may be the right choice for you.

The programme combines theory and practice in how digital technologies have transformed the ways we share and distribute information, understand the past, interact with each other and spend our leisure time. The digital has changed the terms of engagement with areas as diverse as politics and culture: while it can function as a force for good in democratising participation, production, and sharing, it can also be exploitative, introducing new forms of control and surveillance. As the digital pervades all aspects of our lives, traditional media and analogue culture are being reshaped in new and complex interrelationships. The master's programme in Media Studies: Digital Cultures combines theory and reflection with  praxis and making. It will provide you with a wide skill set in digital tools and research methods to become both a media researcher and an active player in a wide range of industries and cultural and heritage organisations in today’s digitally-mediated world.

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Alexandra Koukidou, Student Ambassador Media Studies: Digital Cultures

Alexandra Koukidou is from Greece, she has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Thessaloniki in Greece and decided to come to Maastricht for the master’s programme Media Studies: Digital Cultures. “I wanted to expand my knowledge and widen my perspective to media in general and new media in particular. As an exchange student I’d spent 5 months in the Netherlands and I liked it so much here that I decided to do my master’s in this country. I looked at several universities, but Maastricht University immediately stood out with its informative and well-structured website. In addition, I particularly liked this programme because it’s so topical and up to date and offers me lots of professional opportunities. The digital media and new emerging technologies we learn about are trends we are all witnessing right now.  After I graduate I would like to work in a communication design environment with video and sound production, translating concepts/ideas into products with a meaningful impact.”

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Alexandra Koukidou, Ambassador Master Media Studies: Digital Cultures 2018-2019

“I’d like to be a journalist, but after I graduate I will have many more opportunities and can expand my scope.”

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  • I like to try many different things, but radio journalism is definitely one of them.
    Aleksandra Milewicz, Student ambassador Media Studies: Digital Cultures 2017-2018
  • “I’m looking forward to making a living by doing what I love to do most.”
    Betty Tkadlčiková, Student Ambassador Media Studies: Digital Cultures 2016-2017
  • I feel that Media Studies: Digital Cultures has prepared me fully for my work
    Shaun Matsheza, Editor, Almere, the Netherlands