Are you fascinated by the relationship between the brain and behaviour? Would you love to learn more about neuropsychiatric disorders like attention deficits, schizophrenia and dementia? Are you curious about how certain drugs can influence the processing of information in our brain? Then you should consider specialising in Neuropsychology. The programme focuses on normal and deviant behaviour in relation to brain structure and function. You'll study congenital, acquired or degenerative brain dysfunctions; related neuropsychiatric disorders; and the neuropharmacological mechanisms that underlie behaviour. After you’ve finished your master’s, you'll be a versatile and skilled researcher capable of pursuing a successful career at a university, research institute, hospital, rehabilitation centre or pharmaceutical company.

Ola Pres | Student Ambassador

“The study of human behaviour due to activation in various brain areas is the main focus of the master’s specialisation in Neuropsychology. During the master’s you’ll be introduced to the latest brain-imaging techniques and how to analyse their output.”


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      Apply before the end of the month! The new International Joint Master of Research in Work and Organizational Psychology focusses on questions such as: which working conditions help prevent mental fatigue? What determines the effectiveness of a team? You'll study at Maastricht University, Leuphana University, and University of Valencia.

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      On 20 March, you can vote in the Waterschapsverkiezingen for the board of the Waterschap Limburg. The Waterschap is the body which decides on how the water tax is used and administers water ways, dikes, the cleanliness of water in municipalities and nature.

      With your vote, you can make a difference on how water should be used and treated in Limburg: Should it benefit agriculture first? How natural should water be for the environment? Should we do more research, and what method should be implemented to prevent floods? By voting, you can make a difference for your future and the future of the following generations. Information video [in Dutch]:

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      Maastricht University Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience updated their cover photo.

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