Are you fascinated by the relationship between the brain and behaviour? Would you love to learn more about neuropsychiatric disorders like attention deficits, schizophrenia and dementia? Are you curious about how certain drugs can influence the processing of information in our brain? Then you should consider specialising in Neuropsychology. The programme focuses on normal and deviant behaviour in relation to brain structure and function. You'll study congenital, acquired or degenerative brain dysfunctions; related neuropsychiatric disorders; and the neuropharmacological mechanisms that underlie behaviour. After you’ve finished your master’s, you'll be a versatile and skilled researcher capable of pursuing a successful career at a university, research institute, hospital, rehabilitation centre or pharmaceutical company.

Ola Pres | Student Ambassador

“The study of human behaviour due to activation in various brain areas is the main focus of the master’s specialisation in Neuropsychology. During the master’s you’ll be introduced to the latest brain-imaging techniques and how to analyse their output.”


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      Hello dear FPN people!

      This monday at around 8.30AM I lost my beloved mustard headband (Brand: Rockamora) on my way from the entrance of Universiteitssingel 40 to Universiteitssingel 50, room 4.101!

      I'm studying in the centre and therefore don't hang around Randwyck often... Has anyone seen/found my headband? I would be super grateful and love to buy you coffee/chocolate in return

      Thank you

      3 days 6 hours ago
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      We are in need of a limited number of participants for the study as described in the attached flyer. Grab your chance and apply by sending a mail to Monika Toth, onderzoekp95[at]gmail[dot]com

      5 days 3 hours ago
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      Hello everyone,
      I'm a Clinical Psychology student at Utrecht University and I'm currently conducting my master's thesis. I'm searching for participants that are willing to assist me :)
      :) All I need is international university students!
      I'd LOVE and REALLY appreciate your help.
      Science too. :)
      It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

      Participate by clicking on this link:

      Or by scanning the QR code.

      Please don't be put off by the title of the survey, you don't need to be using drugs in order to complete this survey! EVERY international university student in The Netherlands is invited to participate
      Thank you!


      1 week 3 days ago