Are you fascinated by the relationship between the brain and behaviour? Would you love to learn more about neuropsychiatric disorders like attention deficits, schizophrenia and dementia? Are you curious about how certain drugs can influence the processing of information in our brain? Then you should consider specialising in Neuropsychology. The programme focuses on normal and deviant behaviour in relation to brain structure and function. You'll study congenital, acquired or degenerative brain dysfunctions; related neuropsychiatric disorders; and the neuropharmacological mechanisms that underlie behaviour. After you’ve finished your master’s, you'll be a versatile and skilled researcher capable of pursuing a successful career at a university, research institute, hospital, rehabilitation centre or pharmaceutical company.

Ola Pres | Student Ambassador

“The study of human behaviour due to activation in various brain areas is the main focus of the master’s specialisation in Neuropsychology. During the master’s you’ll be introduced to the latest brain-imaging techniques and how to analyse their output.”


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      Two post-doc vacancies opened at the Biomedical Neuroscience Lab (; PI: Dr Diana Prata, with double affiliation in King’s College London), at the University of Lisbon - for research in human social neuroscience and the oxytocin and the dopamine systems in a highly interdisciplinary 3-year project involving pharmacology, genetics and a range of psychophysiological techniques. Expertise in fMRI and/or EEG highly preferred; and in eye-tracking and SCR favourable. Negotiable salary. Open until 26th of Jan 2019. We look forward to welcoming you!:

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      Today, we had a full lecture hall during the Experience Day for prospective students, interested in the Psychology bachelor's programme. It was the last Experience Day before the application deadline on 15 January 2019!

      Did you miss this chance to visit Maastricht University? Don't worry, we have another event coming up soon. The Bachelor's Open Day (BOD) takes place on 9 February 2019. You can find more information about the BOD and the link to register on this page:

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      *for Dutch speaking students* Gratis Cursus Effectief communiceren in het Nederlands vanaf 17 januari. Een ideale manier voor Nederlandstalige UM bachelor en masterstudenten om hun academisch Nederlands naar een hoger niveau te tillen. Om toegelaten te kunnen worden tot de cursus moet je een minimum taalniveau Nederlands op B2/NT2-II niveau aan kunnen tonen. Klik hier voor meer informatie over de gratis cursus:

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