Legal Psychology

How reliable are eyewitness testimonies? Which tests can you use to detect malingers? You'll explore topics like this in the specialisation in Legal Psychology. This programme, the only one of its kind in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, includes courses on topics such as lie detection, eyewitness testimonies, interrogation techniques and false confessions. By combining theory with practical skills, you’ll be equipped with all the training you need to pursue a career in police investigation units, juvenile offenders’ institutions, child protective services and high-security forensic facilities.

Led by the Forensic Psychology section.

Max Murphy | Student Ambassador

“In the legal psychology masters, we learn about factors that contribute to false memories of eye witnesses and look at the implications and effects on these witnesses. Eyewitness testimonies is only one of the many subjects related to Psychology and Law. Find out more and follow me on social media."

  • This master thoroughly covers the influence of human psychology on all aspects of the law
    Sanne Houben, Psychology, Psychology and Law


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      #HumansofFPN - Vassilis: master's student in Neuropsychology

      Why Maastricht?
      I happened to spend a day here about 8 years ago, when I was still a psychology undergraduate. The beauty of this small town won me over right away. I remember saying to myself “I could definitely live here someday”, and so I did. When I decided to do my Master’s, Maastricht University was one of the first choices. I had also heard a lot of good things about the FPN, which made my decision even easier!

      Why Neuropsychology?
      I was always fascinated by the relationship between the brain and human behaviour, thought and emotion. By doing my master’s in this field I have the opportunity to deepen my understanding of this relationship. The technological advantages of our time allow us to comprehend the mechanisms of the human brain in profound and novel ways. I want to be part of this process.

      What’s it like to do your own research?
      It is rather intriguing. Interacting with people of different age, educational and cultural background is very new and exciting to me. Besides that, being part of a research project gives you the opportunity not only to obtain but also create new knowledge. And this is probably the most satisfying part of it!

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      Hello dear FPN people!

      This monday at around 8.30AM I lost my beloved mustard headband (Brand: Rockamora) on my way from the entrance of Universiteitssingel 40 to Universiteitssingel 50, room 4.101!

      I'm studying in the centre and therefore don't hang around Randwyck often... Has anyone seen/found my headband? I would be super grateful and love to buy you coffee/chocolate in return

      Thank you

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      We are in need of a limited number of participants for the study as described in the attached flyer. Grab your chance and apply by sending a mail to Monika Toth, onderzoekp95[at]gmail[dot]com

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