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Are you ambitious, analytical and eager to learn? Would you like to pursue a legal career at an international organisation? And are you at the top of your class in law, but do you also have a talent for languages? Then you should consider getting a master’s in International Laws. You’ll combine courses on international, European and comparative law with training in French and an additional foreign language other than English. You’ll also broaden your knowledge of different legal systems by spending at least one semester at one of our partner universities abroad. The programme allows you to compile a tailor-made curriculum from courses offered by the European Law School and the Globalisation and Law programme. As a graduate, you will be equipped with a thorough understanding of international, European and/or national law. You’ll also have a fluency in at least one foreign language. This unique skillset will allow you to thrive in whatever area of international law you choose to specialise in.  

  • You can explore so many different fields of law and you have the freedom of creating your own schedule
    Sarah Wagner (Germany), International Laws


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  • Alessandra Silva

    Standing in defence of cultural heritage in armed conflicts

    Tuesday, June 6, 2017

    The destruction of cultural property by the Islamic State in Mosul and Palmyra: is International Law the answer?’, is the title of Alessandra Silva’s bachelor’s thesis. During the Dies celebration last February, the 23-year-old Italian received the thesis prize, as one of seventeen winners, for the best bachelor's thesis in 2016.

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    • Photo by Maastricht University Faculty of Law

      Since his pivotal speech, Livingston has been featured on CNN, NPR, BBC, Good Morning America, and in news outlets across Europe, Australia, India, and South Africa. And now he is coming to Maastricht University to spread his empowering message!

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    • Photo by Maastricht University Faculty of Law

      Compulsory licensing for pharmacists?
      What is going on?

      A patent for a medicine gives the patent owner an exclusive right to prevent others from commercially exploiting the #patentedmedicine. Read about it in this blog by Mai Nguyen, (Master thesis) Keep reading >>

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    • Photo by Maastricht University Faculty of Law

      Did you ever hear about Ecognomia when growing up?
      Things aren't going so well on Earth. We are suffering from systemic problems. Ecosystem collapse and climate change make it impossible to claim that things on Earth are working efficiently. #awesome #climatechange #ecosystem

      But the Gnomes have solved all of these problems. Ecognomian efficiency allows them to ignore these problems and still have an efficient outcome. Keep reading about Ecognomia >>

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