Human Decision Science

Are you interested in human behaviour, psychology and empirical research? Do you love coming up with solutions to complex problems? And would you like to be the person people look to whenever a difficult decision has to be made? Then the master's programme in Human Decision Science is the perfect programme for you. It takes the clarity of economic and game-theoretic decision analysis, and combines it with the human factors of bounded rationality, biases and emotions from psychology. You'll study different facets of both fields, ranging from the neuropsychological basis of decision making to the mechanics behind decisions on a macro level. After completing the programme, you'll be able to work on complex decision-making problems and you'll be well equipped for a career in senior and executive positions.

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    Aurelie Haus (24, Germany), Human Decision Science


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    • Om mijn studiekeuze te maken ben ik op zoek naar studenten die de master Human Decision Science momenteel volgen, of al hebben afgerond.

      Wie o wie wil mij enthousiast maken over de master? Wat leer je zo al, waar zou ik later terecht kunnen komen, en hoe is de sfeer binnen deze master? Mijn dank is groot!

      6 months 4 days ago
    • This program sounds great ! Is there anyone who is currently enrolled/has participated and open to talking about their experiences? Thanks !

      7 months 2 days ago