Biomedical Sciences

Do you know what you should eat before a soccer match, and more importantly, why you should eat it? Would you like to know why one cell is susceptible to a disease and another one isn't? The bachelor’s programme Biomedical Sciences completely revolves around sickness and health. Whether you choose to specialise in the molecular processes in a cancer cell, or would like to know more about exercise programmes for people with obesity; the programme offers a solid foundation for a successful future. You could - for example - become a researcher at a pharmaceutical company that develops new medication, or a physiologist at a university.

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This study
National average
Student satisfaction
3.9 This study
4.1 National average
Number of first year students
173 This study
141 National average
First year contact hours
12-18 This study
12-18 National average
Flow to second year
79%This study
75% National average
Diploma within 4 years
81% This study
81% National average
Job within 6 months
80%This study
80% National average
  • We call our professors by their first names, work in small groups of around 10 people and have quite a few practical training sessions in our schedule.
    Faissal Sharif (Germany), bachelor's student in Biomedical Sciences
  • I have just completed a minor ‘Neuroscience and Toxicology’. There I learned how to make a test set-up for a practicum, for example to test medicines for toxicity
    Milo Gardeniers (the Netherlands), bachelor Biomedical Sciences

More about the programme on our Virtual Open Day.


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      What are the particular challenges that undocumented migrants face in using healthcare services in European countries?

      Milena Pavlova (Associate Professor of Health Economics at the Department of Health Services Research) reviewed healthcare utilization by undocumented migrants and wrote about it:
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      Jennifer is 28-year old PhD student at Harvard. When a mysterious fever leaves her bedridden, doctors tell her it's "all in her head". She picks up her camera as an act of defiance and brings us into a hidden world of millions that medicine abandoned: the world of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).

      On Thursday 22 March, this documentary (which was on the shortlist for the Oscars) will be shown at MUMC+.

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