Biomedical Sciences

Do you know what you should eat before a soccer match, and more importantly, why you should eat it? Would you like to know why one cell is susceptible to a disease and another one isn't? The bachelor’s programme Biomedical Sciences completely revolves around sickness and health. Whether you choose to specialise in the molecular processes in a cancer cell, or would like to know more about exercise programmes for people with obesity; the programme offers a solid foundation for a successful future. You could - for example - become a researcher at a pharmaceutical company that develops new medication, or a physiologist at a university. Read more >

Virtual Open Day

Join an Experience Day

This day allows you to experience what it is like to be a Biomedical Sciences student. You will participate in a tutorial group and get the opportunity to ask tutors and current students any questions you may have.

Join us on 17 April

  • We call our professors by their first names, work in small groups of around 10 people and have quite a few practical training sessions in our schedule.
    Faissal Sharif (Germany), bachelor's student in Biomedical Sciences
  • I have just completed a minor ‘Neuroscience and Toxicology’. There I learned how to make a test set-up for a practicum, for example to test medicines for toxicity
    Milo Gardeniers (the Netherlands), bachelor Biomedical Sciences


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