Globalisation and Law

Are you fascinated by international law? Can you see yourself working on an international criminal case? Or would you like to pursue a career advising international corporations on legal issues related to competition? The master’s in Globalisation and Law will offer you what you are looking for. This 1-year programme will provide you with a comprehensive overview of different national and international legal systems. You can choose to specialise in Human Rights, Corporate and Commercial Law or International Trade and Investment Law, or combine courses from these three specialisations to create a tailor-made programme. After you’ve graduated, you’ll have all the training you need to pursue a career as a legal professional in an international setting.


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    • Samenwerking Internationale Rechtshulpkamer (IRK) Rechtbank Amsterdam en UM Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid in rechtsvergelijkend onderzoek naar Europese aanhoudingsbevelen (EAB’s) bij verstekveroordelingen @RechtspraakNL #verstekveroordelingen #EAB

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    • Photo by Maastricht University Faculty of Law

      Since his pivotal speech, Livingston has been featured on CNN, NPR, BBC, Good Morning America, and in news outlets across Europe, Australia, India, and South Africa. And now he is coming to Maastricht University to spread his empowering message!

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    • Photo by Maastricht University Faculty of Law

      Compulsory licensing for pharmacists?
      What is going on?

      A patent for a medicine gives the patent owner an exclusive right to prevent others from commercially exploiting the #patentedmedicine. Read about it in this blog by Mai Nguyen, (Master thesis) Keep reading >>

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