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If European trade rules are different than the German rules, which law governs the shipment of goods from London to Berlin? Can the United Kingdom restrict the number of refugees that wish to come to their country after being taken in by Greece or France? If you enjoy finding answers to these types of questions, you should consider the European Law School programme. You’ll study European and international law as well as the legal systems from different EU Member States (comparative law). This will prepare you to work as a legal professional at a regional, national and international level, both in the private sector as well as in government. With further training, which is also offered, you can also gain access to regulated professions such as a lawyer, public prosecutor or judge.


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  • The reason I choose Maastricht is Problem-Based Learning and Maastricht’s participation in very important Moot Court Competitions.
    Petros Korelas (Greece), European Law School



  • Legal Classroom

    More fun in the legal classroom

    Wednesday, November 22, 2017

    The work lawyers do, the way they do it – indeed, the entire labour market – is changing radically. This calls for new, ‘soft’ skills, which in turn requires an education revolution. And to this end innovative technology can make an important contribution, according to Bram Akkermans, Catalina Goanta and Gwen Noteborn from Maastricht University’s Faculty of Law. They are integrating simulations, virtual worlds and holograms into their teaching. “Innovative education is in our DNA.”

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  • Alessandra Silva

    Standing in defence of cultural heritage in armed conflicts

    Tuesday, June 6, 2017

    The destruction of cultural property by the Islamic State in Mosul and Palmyra: is International Law the answer?’, is the title of Alessandra Silva’s bachelor’s thesis. During the Dies celebration last February, the 23-year-old Italian received the thesis prize, as one of seventeen winners, for the best bachelor's thesis in 2016.

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    • Photo by Maastricht University Faculty of Law

      Apply for the Concours René Cassin!

      The Concours René Cassin is the most known moot court competition on the European Convention of Human Rights. It takes place at the Council of Europe and at the European Court of Human Rights. The Concours René Cassin has the particularity to be entirely in French. Besides its great networking possibility, you will develop and improve your writing and pleading skills in a friendly environment.

      If you are interested, send you CV, list of grades and motivation letter to Pauline.melin[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl before the 28th September, 6p.m.

      More info can be found in the Intranet Student Portal under “Moot courts” and then “French and bilingual moot courts”.

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    • Photo by Maastricht University Faculty of Law

      May the peace be with you!

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    • Photo by Maastricht University Faculty of Law

      Apply for the Nuremberg Moot Court on International Criminal Law!

      Taking place in Courtroom 600, the birthplace in international criminal law, this competition simulates proceedings before the International Criminal Court. Maastricht University is the most successful team in the history of this moot court, and won the competition last year.

      Participation lasts the full year (until July 2019), is graded and worth 6 ECTS. Questions and applications (consisting of a CV and full list of grades) should be sent to Craig Eggett (craig.eggett[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl) by the end of Friday 21st September 2018

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