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If European trade rules are different than the German rules, which law governs the shipment of goods from London to Berlin? Can the United Kingdom restrict the number of refugees that wish to come to their country after being taken in by Greece or France? If you enjoy finding answers to these types of questions, you should consider the European Law School programme. You’ll study European and international law as well as the legal systems from different EU Member States (comparative law). This will prepare you to work as a legal professional at a regional, national and international level, both in the private sector as well as in government. With further training, which is also offered, you can also gain access to regulated professions such as a lawyer, public prosecutor or judge.


On campus, if you can. Online, if you need to

In spite of the current COVID-19 pandemic and all the challenges it poses, we will continue to use the Problem-based-Learning we are so well-known for. Whether you will be able to come to Maastricht or not, we aim to offer you the small-scale, full of interaction education we stand for. Working together in small groups on relevant issues in an internationally-oriented setting remains at the core of our education.

Read more about the ‘on campus at the university if possible, online if necessary' approach of our faculty on the webpage 'Experience Maastricht!'

Additional contact possibilities for prospective students

Are you a prospective student? Unfortunately, the Experience Day has been cancelled because of the Corona crisis. However, we are happy to offer you several other options to give you a feel of what it is like to study at the Faculty of Law, and to provide you with some answers to questions you may have. It is also possible to arrange a meeting via chat/Skype. 

Bachelor Honours Programme


The Faculty of Law offers an honours programme to students who demonstrate the potential to excel in their studies. The  programme is an extracurricular programme comprising 25 ECTS over a two-year period. It combines project work and a personal leadership track.

Read more about the Bachelor Honours Programme >>>

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  • I had a good match with the city from the beginning, which is why I stayed here for a while
    Alec Garrett


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    Pension fund ABP follows ITEM recommendation

    Tuesday, July 28, 2020

    Pensioners who emigrate within the EU and wish to continue to receive their Dutch pension must periodically submit a life certificate to various paying institutions. This is to prevent the pension from being paid out unduly after death.

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  • law_twee_subsidies_nwo_-nwa_consumers

    Two awards NWO/NWA Idea generator

    Thursday, July 9, 2020

    The NWO has awarded two grants to projects of the Maastricht Law and Tech Lab under its Idea Generator Programme.


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  • law_online_uitijking_research_prize_matteo bonelli

    2020 dissertation prize online award ceremony with Matteo Bonelli

    Friday, June 26, 2020

    Last Wednesday, June 23, Matteo Bonelli received from the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation the 2020 Dissertation Prize for his PhD research ‘A Union of Values – Safeguarding Democracy, the Rule of Law, and Human Rights in the EU Member States’. The PhD was written in Maastricht under the supervision of Prof. Monica Claes and Bruno De Witte and defended in June 2019.

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