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Are you highly motivated and looking for a programme that gives you the freedom to pursue your own interests? Do you want to be part of a diverse yet close-knit academic community that encourages discussion and debate? University College Maastricht is a Liberal Arts and Sciences Honours College that provides small-scale and individualised bachelor's education. At UCM, you will be part of a truly international community, working and socialising with students from more than 50 countries. With the support of our committed staff, you can choose from more than 150 different courses in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences to build an academic profile that helps you meet your goals.



  • Europe calling

    Maastricht University and Europe

    Monday, December 12, 2016

    Leading up to the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty, UM organised three 'Europe events'. A photo report of these events can be found at the bottom of this page.

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  • UCM Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs 2017

    UCM has topped the Keuzegids ranking again this year!

    Wednesday, November 23, 2016

    University College Maastricht is the #1 bachelor's programme in the Netherlands for the second time.

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  • Double degree Freiburg

    First Double Degrees UCM and UCF

    Thursday, November 3, 2016

    Two students recently received the very first Double Degrees from University College Maastricht (UCM) and University College Freiburg (UCF).

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  • UCM Elsevier Ranking

    UCM#1 in the Elsevier ranking... for the fourth time!

    Monday, October 3, 2016

    Elsevier ‘Best Studies’ 2016, which is based on the National Student Survey (NSE), has ranked University College Maastricht (UCM) as the top Liberal Arts and Sciences programme in the Netherlands. UCM has held this position since 2013.

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  • UCM Mathieu Segers

    UCM has a new Dean!

    Wednesday, March 2, 2016

    We are very happy to announce that Dr. Mathieu Segers has been appointed as the new Dean of University College Maastricht as of June 1st, 2016. In addition to the Deanship, he will be the Professor of Contemporary European History and European Integration at UCM. 

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  • It's for people who want to do more than one thing and want to be able to combine courses however they want
    Julia König, Alumna, University College Maastricht
    • Photo by University College Maastricht

      It's good to see UCM students still have plenty of time to relax on the wall despite exam week!

      9 hours 8 min ago
    • Photo by University College Maastricht

      People of UCM: Florentine, Helle, John:
      "For the internship project we are working together with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on an extended research about European Integration. EU Member States are looking favourable upon a ‘multi-speed Europe’, allowing the integration process of various States to occur at different velocities. For the Netherlands, this raises some questions how best to collaborate with Allies within a changing Europe.
      Which is where we come in. In the upcoming months we will be looking into the Eurozone, Internal Market and Defense and Security policy of the Netherlands and propose alternative policy approaches. This will all accumulate in June when we will be interning at the Ministry and living together for the full month. We are excited and curious to see how everything goes, and learn how to balance academic ideals with real world politics.
      Hopefully that stays throughout the entire project!"

      1 day 16 hours ago
    • Photo by University College Maastricht

      Sinan Akkurt on his semester abroad:
      "I am currently studying at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul for a year. I chose Istanbul for my time abroad mainly as I wanted to connect to the Turkish part of my identity more, as a "back to the roots" kind of thing. After the coup attempt last year, many asked whether I will still go. Somehow I never doubted one second, but maybe that is also because I have family here who will live here either way.

      Was it the right decision to come? Without any limitation, it was. Istanbul simply is an amazing city with amazing people; there is a liberal and progressive Turkey (still) out here, which many might not expect. I got to explore my half-Turkish origin, spend more time with my grandma, improve my Turkish and experience Istanbul not as a tourist but as a resident. Also, at Boğaziçi University, there luckily (still) is an environment of critical discussion – even about Turkish politics! And turkish politics is for sure interesting from a political science perspective.

      Unfortunately, a lot of terrible things are happening too, which shouldn’t be missing in this picture. I saw peaceful protests being ended violently by police. News websites are being blocked and Facebook or WhatsApp sometimes just do not seem to work. The government tries to silence people who criticize it or campaign for a “hayır” (no) vote at the upcoming referendum.

      Like some Turkish friends of mine, I wonder sometimes myself why I still like it so much despite all of this. I think the main reason is the realization, or more like confirmation, that people valuing a pluralist society and democracy exist here as they do in the Netherlands or Germany. And that Istanbul, bringing these people together, did not cease (yet) to offer endless possibilities of discovering and doing cool things.

      Finding a way to still have a good time, leaving a “HAYIR” leaflet or sticker here and drinking a çay (tea) there. Playing tavla (backgammon) in Beşiktaş and dancing in Beyoğlu. Enjoying the ferry rides between Europe and Asia - with your çay in your hand, feeling the wind and sun on your face, hearing the seagulls above you, and going to places you did not plan when getting up this morning - you cannot but love Istanbul"

      4 days 15 hours ago