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MUMC+/FHML in-depth scientific integrity course

The FHML/MUMC+ Platform Scientific Integrity invites you to participate in the SCIentific INtegrity – In-Depth (SCIIN-ID) course for PhD students. The course is ideally suited as an extension of the UM graduate school course “research ethics and integrity”, and focuses more on FHML research. The course is also ideally suited for PhD students who started before November 2021 and did not participate in the Graduate School course. For all of you, scientific integrity is important throughout your career.

The in-depth course is 1 ects. Meetings are once every three weeks (approximately). So, you have plenty of time to do the homework next to your busy PhD activities. To enable external students to participate, all meetings are via ZOOM. Below you can find dates of the next course.

Problem Based Learning (PBL) is ideally suited to discuss scientific integrity issues. Participants who have no expertise with PBL can participate in the course, but they get extra preparation advice. In addition, mastery of the English language is crucial.

Meeting Week number Date Time (CET) Duratiuon
1 8 Friday, February 23 11.00-12.30 1,5 hour
2 12 Tuesday, March 19 11.00-13.00 2 hours
3 15 Tuesday, April 9 11.00-13.00 2 hours
4 17 Tuesday, April 23 11.00-12.30 1,5 hours
5 19 Tuesday, May 7 11.00-13.00 2 hours

SCIIN-ID 2024-01              

Day of the week: Tuesday or Friday         

Tutor: Gowri Gopalakrishna

Enrolment: At the bottom of the site you can find a registration form.

Contact person: Marjan Drukker SCIIN-ID-FHML@MaastrichtUniversity.nl