28 Jun 14 Jul
12:00 - 16:00

IMAGINARY - Beauty and Power of Mathematics

The travelling exhibition includes numerous top-quality posters, a series of 3D objects, puzzle setups and several interactive apps that visitors can engage with via large touchscreens. Mathematics: surprisingly diverse, appealingly beautiful and stunning applications!

In June and July 2023, the exibition will visit its last stop in the Netherlands: Maastricht. 

IMAGINARY can be visited for free during the period of 28 June up to and including 14 July. IMAGINARY is open to the public on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon between 12.00h and 16.00h.

Throughout this period, groups consisting of students and/or teachers can also visit outside of opening hours (by appointment). You can request a separate visit for education groups via this form. In case you visit IMAGINARY with an education group, Maastricht University will provide a tour guide. 


Would you like to know more about mathematics, and the things that IMAGINARY has to offer? Join a free tour! You can find the schedule for these tours on this page by the end of April.

Other events

Towards the end of April, you will also find more information about additional, IMAGINARY-related activities at Maastricht University. This includes the opening event on June 28.