11 Dec

Course: Boost your wellbeing for PhD candidates

PhD candidates, often regarded as a talented yet vulnerable group when it comes to their mental health and overall well-being, face unique challenges in the pursuit of their academic goals. To equip these doctoral students with essential skills for enhancing their resilience and addressing the demands of a rigorous PhD trajectory, a specialized training program has been designed. This training is tailor-made for PhD candidates at Maastricht University, aiming to raise awareness of well-being concerns, provide insights into preventing burnout, and encourage proactive changes in behavior.

Additionally, it fosters a sense of belonging within a peer group and informs participants about available support resources. By the end of this program, participants can expect heightened self-awareness and a more positive approach to their academic journey. The training employs various methods, including lectures, peer discussions, feedback from experienced trainers, and principles of Positive Psychology. It consists of an online intake session and a half-day training event, offered at no cost to participants. Drs. Marike Mulder and Prof. Dr. Angelique de Rijk serve as the instructors, and the program accommodates a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve participants per group.

The next training session is scheduled for December 11th, 2023.


  1. You will have knowledge and awareness of your wellbeing problems, including indications for developing burnout.
  2. You will have awareness of one’s personal solutions to improve wellbeing and prevent burnout, including your resources and opportunities.
  3. You will take home a written intention to change behavior including first step to be taken.
  4. You will discover a sense of belongingness which is an important source of wellbeing of all humans.
  5. You will have knowledge about other resources to boost your wellbeing available in Maastricht, and support options in case you need this.


The course consists of a short preparation (fill in form) (1 hour) and an online intake to discuss the preparation personally and confidentially and to be informed about the course. This is followed by one full morning training (8.30-12.30 hours). During 8.30-9.00 hrs we will informally meet and settle, from 9.00 hrs on we start with the assignments and will not allow those who are too late to enter in order to guarantee an atmosphere of confidence and politeness. The participants are recommended not to work before the training; after the training they should be able to continue working.


The costs for participating in this training are fully reimbursed by CZ. 
We are happy to offer this course to you free of charge. Please note however that CZ has paid to develop and offer this training together with the trainer, and rooms/drinks/food are already booked and paid, so if you sign up but cannot attend, we would greatly appreciate it if you could give us notice as soon as possible so that we can advertise your spot to others who may be interested.

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