Article: Innovating obsolescence management in a service logistics network

Tom Schiefer, Dominik Mahr and Paul C. Fenema
Image by Desirée Scheper

A network of companies has been involved in the maintenance of maritime equipment for the Royal Dutch Navy. More specifically, ‘Directie Materiële Instandhouding’ (DMI) maintains vessels on behalf of the Royal Dutch Navy and closely works together with shipbuilder Damen Schelde, maritime systems integrator RH Marine, and naval defense systems provider Thales. How can this complex network of organizations improve the way they work together to enhance availability of ships and uninterrupted missions due to missing spare parts for maintenance?

In a recent managerial blog article, Tom Schiefer, Dominik Mahr and Paul Fenema analyse this question in further detail. 

About the authors:

  • Tom Schiefer, PhD candidate at the Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (BISCI), Maastricht University
  • Dominik Mahr, Professor in Digital Innovation & Marketing, at department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management and at Service Science Factory, Maastricht University
  • Paul C. van Fenema, Professor of Military Logistics, Netherlands Defense Academy