Universiteit Maastricht



UM postal address
P.O. Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht 
The Netherlands

UM visiting address

Minderbroedersberg 4-6

6211 LK  Maastricht 
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 43 388 2222

UM employees


Where to find UM

Where to turn to for answers to specific questions?

Studying at UM
Ask the Information Desk for answers to your questions regarding studying at UM,
Phone: +31 43 388 5388
E-mail: study@maastrichtuniversity.nl


(student & staff accommodation)

Phone: +31 43 388 5300

E-mail: info@maastrichthousing.com

Marketing and Communications Office

Flore Clerkx, phone : +31 43 388 5230
E-mail: pers@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Development & Alumni Relations
Alumni Relations
Charlotte Evers, phone: +31 43 388 5220
E-mail: alumni@maastrichtuniversity.nl

University Fund Limburg |SWOL|
Veronique van Schendel-Theunissen, phone: +31 43 388 2556
E-mail: veronique.theunissen@maastrichtuniversity.nl

UM website

Marketing and Communications Office, phone +31 43 388 5222

E-mail: communicatie@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Studium Generale

Studium Generale organises activities in the fields of arts, culture, science and society.
Phone: +31 43 388 5307
E-mail: sg-mail@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Marketing and Communications Office
Phone: +31 43 388 5222

E-mail: communicatie@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Student Guidance

The department of Student Guidance at the Student Services Centre provides advice on your studies or career (UM Career Services), help if you’re going through a rough patch (Student Psychologists), legal advice related to your studies, or help if you’re studying with an impairment (Student Deans).