Solving world issues through food

"In ten years more than a thousand students here will be working on social issues around agriculture, sustainability and nutrition," predicts Dean Thomas Cleij of Maastricht's Faculty of Science and Engineering.

At the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, the university is growing. On the first floor and second floor of the Villa Flora are the students who are mainly concerned with food and health. In the coming years, university education and research on the theme of future agriculture will also take shape. In the course of next year, its own office, laboratory and greenhouse will rise.

Maastricht University has entered into a partnership with BASF Vegetable Seeds. This immediately makes it clear where the focus will be in the initial phase: on horticulture and, in even more detail, on plant genetics. From breeding to the technology to optimize growth.

In this way, students and scientists are working together with the business community on the agriculture of the future.

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