Janosch Prinz awarded Gerda Henkel Foundation grant

Janosch Prinz has been awarded a Gerda Henkel Foundation grant of €310,000 for the project “Contours of a Non-Oligarchic Democratic Future”, co-directed with Enzo Rossi (UvA) and Manon Westpahl (Münster). 

The project develops an approach to curing the oligarchic tendencies in contemporary democracies, which is systemic to the extent that it deploys a new and unified approach to identify oligarchic power structures and the corresponding remedies at the institutional and civil society level. 

First, it develops a comprehensive conceptualization of the systemic character of “oligarchic democracy” by using a novel, epistemic approach to ideology critique. Second, it draws the contours of a systemic cure to the oligarchic threat by exploiting untapped capacities of institutional innovation and prefigurative politics to counter and disperse oligarchic power.