Indonesia legal education and legal society project (OKP)

We are happy to report that a large project, Indonesia legal education and legal society, under NUFFIC’s Orange Knowledge Programme has been awarded to our faculty.

The project, developed and led by Sascha Hardt and Aalt Willem Heringa of the department of Public Law, entails a collaboration with Airlangga University in Surabaya, Indonesia, as well as a range of smaller universities in Eastern Indonesia. For 2.5 years, a range of staff from across and beyond our faculty and in a consortium with the Maastricht School of Management (MSM) will work on modernizing legal education in Indonesia, implementing PBL, training teaching staff, and bringing the rule of law and professional legal skills into focus in local law curricula. 

With this project, our faculty will once more live up to its reputation as a leading innovator of legal education.

The purpose of this project is to strengthen the knowledge of participants on constitutional law, constitutional legal debate and research, and the essence and fundamentals of modern democratic and constitutionalist legal thinking. In addition, students and seminar participants will acquire important legal, analytical, and academic skills.