Upcoming events

June 12th -Workshop: Modern Movement (Margaret Morris Movement) - Katerina Kandylaki

Along beautiful music, we will move our bodies in a structured manner to enhance natural body movement and function. We will also move our bodies in a creative manner, and let them experience the freedom of expression. Based on Margaret Morris’s ideas, with this workshop I aim “to enable each individual to achieve that balance, co-ordination and control of mind and body, essential to a healthy and happy life”.

Why join? If you find yoga too repetitive and contemporary dance too demanding, this is exactly the workshop you’ve been looking for. Or you just want to make a present to yourself, so come to get inspired!

Registration required via this link
Where? Body and Mind studio UM sports
When? June 12th, 17:15 - 18:30 

Please wear comfortable clothing 

Find more information on the website of Katerina. 

The neurobiology of stress and depression - Prof. Dr. Rob Markus - To be announced

What happens in our brain during an episode of depression or while experiencing stress?
Rob Markus is Professor of Neuropsychology at Maastricht University with a particular interest in how brain biochemical processes relate to stress-induced psychopathology (depression, eating problems, sleep abnormalities, etc). He will take you on a journey through the brain, to discover what and why our brain changes during certain events of our life. What are the consequences, why is it important to listen to our brain and body, and can (or should) we reverse it? 
Extended knowledge of biology NOT required!

Data, time and location to be announced!