In many cases, the utilities in your Dutch residence (gas, water and electricity) will already be connected and you just have to have them transferred to your name. If you are paying an inclusive rent, check your contract carefully for what is covered.


There are two elements to water payments: a consumption charge based on actual water usage (which is estimated if you do not have a meter) and a municipal tax for services (sewage, pollution etc.). To see which water company covers your area, visit www.vewin.nl  or ask at your local municipality.

More information?

Visit www.expatica.com  and navigate to the Netherlands part of the website.

Electricity and gas

The energy market is liberalized so you are able to choose (or change) suppliers. Most have ‘green’ options, where energy is bought from alternative sources such as wind, water and biomass. Regulatory authorities ensure fair practices and tariffs. On the website of the Office of Energy Regulation (www.dte.nl  ) you can find a complete list of gas and electricity suppliers (Energiebedrijven >wie is wie > vergunninghouders).

Main suppliers

Dong Energy