A truly European student experience

Maastricht University already offers you the most international student experience in the Netherlands – but now we want to take it to the next level. Just imagine…​

A truly European student experience

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YUFE’s vision is to enable you to study for a European diploma by compiling your own curriculum from all courses offered across the eight YUFE universities. In addition, the YUFE Virtual Campus hosts all the members’ online course offer. A YUFE student card will offer you access to facilities everywhere. The official language is English but you will be able to learn the language of the host country. You will have opportunities to volunteer or follow internships. Your diploma will also list your achievements relating to language learning, professional training, job shadowing, community volunteering and all the other opportunities YUFE offers.

YUFE also wants develop housing solutions to facilitate cultural exchange, mutual support and integration with the local community. For example, to completely immerse its mobile students in society, YUFE is considering furnishing homes where students can live rent-free and have the opportunity to contribute to their local community.

In September 2020, a pioneer cohort of up to 100 students will start studying around one of our core themes, European identity. We are still in the process of putting this ambitious plan into practice. Most likely, participants of the first cohort will officially study in an existing bachelor’s programme at one of the YUFE partner universities and additionally work towards obtaining a YUFE diploma supplement, which will attest their achievements in the fields of Mobility, Language, Professional Development and Civic Engagement. That might entail among other things designing their own curriculum, moving to different countries, learning languages, internships and social project.


We are currently developing the admissions criteria. YUFE is dedicated to being open and inclusive – that means access regardless of prospective students’ socioeconomic or cultural background. With that in mind, we’d love to hear your opinion: what admission requirements would be conducive to our goals?

You can join the conversation at yufe.eu or using #yufe_students