A truly European university

Transcending borders with the Young Universities for the Future of Europe

Maastricht University (UM) and our European partners are on the verge of creating something new and exciting; the Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE), an idea of university that transcends geographical, political, social, linguistic, and disciplinary borders.

An open, inclusive European university across 10 countries that offers better opportunities for all: an entirely new study experience with personalised curricula, career development and mobility for staff and a learning ecosystem that will benefit citizens in all partner regions.

Students and staff will be able to move freely between different campuses and enjoy opportunities to learn, develop and volunteer in close contact with and to the benefit of local citizens.

The chance of a lifetime, at the European university.


Young and forward-looking

YUFE is an alliance of 8 dynamic, innovative universities who are determined to become the first truly European university. We are dedicated to open access and feel a strong sense of social responsibility and service to the regional communities in which we are embedded.


Maastricht University and the other YUFE partners are dedicated to a challenge-based, student-focused approach to teaching. YUFE will empower students to create their own curriculum and offer plenty of opportunities for civic engagement, gaining professional experience, and developing interpersonal and intercultural skills. Students will be in the lead during the development and implementation of YUFE.

Open and inclusive

YUFE wants to expand European mobility and associated opportunities to everyone, independent of socioeconomic and cultural background or choice of degree. Eventually YUFE will be available at all degree levels, also to non-traditional and lifelong learners.


  • one European university across many cities, countries and cultures
  • standard blended mobility
  • a European university degree certifying the academic, personal and civic skills developed
  • open and inclusive, even part-time and non-traditional students


YUFE Europe map
YUFE full partners

YUFE associated partners:

  • European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME: together with The Adecco Group France, they represent and support the majority of Europe’s employers and employees. They will facilitate the integration between higher education, work experience and entrepreneurship.
  • The Adecco Group France: together with European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, they represent and support the majority of Europe’s employers and employees. They will facilitate the integration between higher education, work experience and entrepreneurship.
  • Kiron Open Higher Education bring their experience developing and deploying of online learning solutions for learners from diverse backgrounds (including, but not limited to migrants and refugees) to provide access to higher education.
  • The Educational Testing Service Global is the world’s largest private non-profit educational testing and assessment organization. They are committed to advancing quality and equity in education for all people through meaningful and inclusive measurement solutions.
yufe associate partners

Join us

In June 2019, YUFE was awarded European funding to help make our vision reality. The European Commission judged YUFE’s proposal to be the most promising of all, with 97 out of a 100 points. YUFE will officially be launched in December 2019. In September 2020, a pioneering cohort of 100 YUFE students will start studying for a YUFE diploma supplement.

After that, it is our vision to gradually extend the benefits to staff as well as citizens. Eventually, YUFE wants to be a non-elitist, open and inclusive European university based on the cooperation between higher education, institutions, public and private sector, as well as citizens.

This is a tremendously ambitious project without much precedent. There is a long way ahead but we can’t wait to tackle this colossal challenge. Join us on this exciting journey. Sign up and we’ll keep you up-to-date about our progress.