UM Star Lectures 2019

UM Star Lectures 7 February 2019 – Anniversary Edition

Poster UMSL2019

It has been 5 years since we organised the UM Star Lectures for the first time: a series of lectures that takes place at the same moment, on the same day. As an already well-known part of the academic tradition, we offer new speakers and insights every year.

The UM Star Lectures are intended as a way to facilitate alumni by bringing the university to them, and by providing an opportunity to meet us and each other in an informal setting. Apart from sharing knowledge and getting inspired by societally relevant topics, the event is meant to reconnect with fellow alumni and refresh memories of Maastricht and their student days.

For the special 5-year anniversary edition, we have increased the number of cities to 14, divided over 5 countries. Have a look below for an overview of the cities and speakers and sign up for the one that inspires you the most!

UM Star Lecturers Jaap Bos and Esther Versluis tell you why you really shouldn't miss this event! Click here to read the experiences of Jaap, click here for an interview with Esther.