UM & COVID-19 vaccination

Maastricht University is doing everything to make sure we are safe at UM facilities and would like to provide you with all the information you need. Maybe you are still looking for answers regarding vaccination: Are the COVID-19 vaccines safe? What about the side effects? If you haven't received an invitation, how can you make an appointment to get vaccinated? This page provides information about the COVID-19 vaccination and examines on possible concerns.

Universiteit van Nederland lectures about COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccines

In an exclusive for the Universiteit van Nederland, Professor Marjolein van Egmond, Department of Molecular Cell Biology & Immunology, Amsterdam UMC gave four lectures on the COVID-19 virus and the COVID-19 vaccines. In these lectures, she answers questions such as:

  • You feel fit, are never sick or, as far as you know, have a well-functioning immune system. So why would you take the corona vaccine?
  • The corona vaccine was developed in a short period of time? What do we know about the long-term effects?
  • You may have read the stories on social media: the corona vaccine could make you infertile. What is true?
  • We already have the British, South African, and Brazilian variants of the coronavirus. Now there are more and more reports about the Delta variant. But how do these different variants arise?

 Watch the videos below to find out more.

Based on two surveys amongst students and staff

The content of this page is based on two surveys among UM students and staff asking about their information needs.

This site provides answers from scientific experts from UM and the University of the Netherlands, updated by information from the Dutch Ministry of Health.