A seriously open office

Grow – with European mobility! For the benefit of the student body, the research and innovation landscape, and society as a whole, YUFE wants to provide Europe-wide career and development opportunities for academic and administrative staff alike.

One European university

Maastricht University is dedicated to being a sustainable employer. That means not only providing a safe, pleasant working environment and protecting you from excessive stress, but also providing you with inspiring challenges and opportunities to grow. As we aspire to grow into one European university across many countries, you will see plenty of chances to benefit from those dissolving borders – from language courses, staff exchanges, and development programmes to research collaborations and tenure track positions.

Professional development with YUFE

We want to establish YUFE Career Tracks that will provide opportunities for graduates and staff to continue developing professionally on our partner campuses. Together with the YUFE Professional Mobility Scheme, this will foster mobility, collaboration and thus integration between all YUFE partners.

Talent and Expert Pool

Our vision includes a Europe-wide YUFE Talent and Expert Pool to provide diverse, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral expertise to public and private organisation in YUFE regions. A YUFE Entrepreneurship Initiative wants to facilitate and support students, staff and citizens interested in directly contributing to European business. Knowledge-creating and -translating teams of students, researchers, and professionals from the public and private sector, called YUFE Challenge Teams, are to deliver solutions in the fields of Sustainability, Citizens well-being, Digital societies, and European identity and responsibilities in a global world.

Making Europe a reality

YUFE is an incredibly ambitious project, but we can’t wait to get to work and continue a project Maastricht has been busy with for a long time: making Europe a reality.