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Synergies for South Limburg: Imagine Maastricht University’s power to innovate and solve problems multiplied by eight. YUFE allows citizens to benefit from the expertise and experience from seven other regionally embedded European universities.

Maastricht University is a magnet for young talent from all over the world. We have changed the face of the city, which has become younger and even more international. We are one of the biggest employers in the region and make an important contribution to preserving Maastricht’s cultural heritage by managing its historical buildings. We make academic knowledge available and valuable for society. We generate new knowledge, we teach students, and facilitate ventures that make our region stronger - like the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, where UM experts work with the private and public sector to solve societal problems.

Joint forces

At YUFE, we are joining forces with other dynamic, innovative universities with a strong sense of social responsibility and service to the regional communities in which we are embedded. That means a vastly expanded pool of highly skilled workers, experts, and potential synergies. It means innovation, entrepreneurship and an incommensurably greater ability to solve complex problems. YUFE has been working with regional governments from day one to ensure that everything we do benefits citizens in our regions and those of our friends and partners.

Talent and Expert Pool

In practice, we will work towards a Europe-wide YUFE Talent and Expert Pool providing diverse, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral expertise to public and private organisations in our region. The YUFE Entrepreneurship Initiative is to facilitate and support anyone in the region interesting in starting their own business or organisation.

Challenge Teams

Knowledge-creating and -translating teams of students, researchers, and professionals from the public and private sector, called YUFE Challenge Teams, could deliver solutions in the fields of Sustainability, Citizens well-being, Digital societies, and European identity and responsibilities in a global world.

Contributing to the region

There will also be a system to allow YUFE students from our partner universities to contribute to life in South Limburg, as consultants, as interns, or as volunteers. For example, to make YUFE accessible to those who have the talent but not the funds, we will try to provide accommodation and Dutch courses for incoming YUFE students. They will serve their local community here and receive additional stars for civic engagement and language learning on their YUFE diploma supplement.

Making Europe a reality

YUFE is an incredibly ambitious project, but we can’t wait to get to work and continue a project Maastricht has been busy with for a long time: making Europe a reality.