Maartje Stokvis, Data Science and Knowledge Engineering
One thing is certain: for me this is the best option!

“I never really knew what direction I wanted to take and what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. There are so many options! I eventually arrived at Data Science and Knowledge Engineering, a small study that is unlike anything you encounter in high school.

You can do similar studies throughout the Netherlands, but in Maastricht the emphasis is less on psychology and more on computer science, where my interests lie. The programme also uses Project-Centred Learning. This means that during each six months of studies, the topics covered are anchored in a project: for example, programming a game or building football robots. The subject matter is thus brought directly into practice.

The study is small but dynamic; the atmosphere is convivial and you quickly meet lots of people. Also English is no problem: after a week you’ve got the hang of it. I couldn’t say what’s the best of all options, but one thing is certain: for me this is the best option!”

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    Valentin Calomme, Data Science and Knowledge Engineering
    I’ve always liked math, and when I am in a computer science class, I try to see the math behind things.