Julia Stenz (South Africa), Maastricht Science Programme
Julia Stenz (South Africa), Maastricht Science Programme
The way we’re taught here is so active that you’re always learning.

When I first came across Maastricht University, I saw a lot of interesting things, such as exchange programmes. And I thought: this can’t be real. But the more I looked into the university and the programme, the more interesting it seemed. The next thing I knew I was applying. And I’ve never once regretted this choice.

Active learning
Here at UM, with the Problem-Based Learning education system, you can’t fall off your game. It can sometimes be stressful because you fit in a lot in a short time. But you develop so many skills for later on in life.

The way we’re taught here is so active that you’re always learning. When it comes to exams, I always seem to know more than I think I do. That’s because I’m studying throughout the courses for the tutorial group meetings. You have to actively read the work and discuss it, which helps you understand it. Trust me, you remember things much better when you discuss them.

It’s like in chemistry, when you explain mechanisms to others, you know what you’re talking about. That doesn’t happen when you just look at a picture of what a mechanism is. Other people who have learned in different environments always say that they get much better grades here at Maastricht University. I understand why.

European experience
This city gives you a quintessential European experience—the river runs through the centre of town, there are many historical buildings, and you walk along cobblestone streets. What I immediately noticed and love about this place is that there are students everywhere around you. It’s a true university city where everyone is in the same boat and enjoys the social hub that the university and the city offers. Where else can you experience that?

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    Maastricht is not only a beautiful city where internationals and locals study and hang out but also provides a high level of education and many opportunities to its students.