Calvin Classon (Germany), Biomedical Sciences
Initially, I didn't meet the subject requirements for the programme, having not had physics in highschool. So I took a two-month long physics intensive course in Utrecht.

"Shortly before completion of my German highschool degree, I started looking into future career possibilities. Due to my general interest in natural sciences - and having lived in the United States for some time - I selectively looked for an English-taught bachelor and stumbled upon the Biomedical Sciences (BMS) programme at Maastricht University. My wish to study here in Maastricht manifested itself during visitation of the University Open Day, when I discovered the student atmosphere of the city as well as the diversity of the study programme. After this visit, I quickly applied for the bachelor's in BMS.

Although I was quickly 'conditionally accepted', I initially didn't meet the subject requirements for the programme, having not had physics in highschool. Therefore, I was required to partake in an additional exam in this course. I decided to do a two-month physics intensive course in Utrecht to prepare me for the examination. Despite my lack of physics in school, the course in Utrecht prepared me very well for the physics exam at the end. A week before the start of the bachelor's programme, I received my exam results and fortunately passed. The university's Student Services Centre quickly processed my data and I was accepted into the bachelor's.

I am now in my 2nd year and since the start of the study I have enjoyed student life to its fullest. I find learning with Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and focussing on topics in course periods instead of covering all topics in a semester to be much more relaxing and more efficient in retaining information. I also greatly enjoy working in the laboratory or dissection hall as part of the practical trainings of the study. When I'm not concerned with university, I enjoy spending my time cooking, going to the gym or meeting up with my friends in one of the many great cafes here in Maastricht. I am also enrolled in the university's Honours and Honours+ programme, where I work together with a multitude of students from the same and different faculties.

Although, admittedly I do not have a specific career goal in mind after completion of my study, I do not doubt that - regardless of what I choose - the personal and professional development I am acquiring right now will be of great benefit to me. The international aspect of the study opens up a lot of possibilities for me and I am certain that I will look back on my time in this study programme as being the start of my professional career."

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