Laura Barendregt, Student Ambassador Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology 2017-2019
“After my bachelor’s programme which was very broad, I was ready to specialise and really dive into learning skills.”

Laura Barendregt is from Australia, she has a bachelor’s degree in Performance Studies from the University of Sydney and decided to come to Maastricht for a 2-year research master’s programme in Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology. “During my bachelor’s study I came to University College Maastricht as an exchange student and was impressed by the atmosphere here and the level of students’ commitment. My grandparents are Dutch and I liked exploring those roots a bit. I stayed for a whole year on a working holiday visa and when a boyfriend entered the equation, I decided to apply for a residence permit with full working and study rights. What I particularly like about this research master’s is that we are actually learning and doing so much. The skills component was a deciding element for me. I’m considering a career in research and this research master’s is a prerequisite for a PhD position. Perhaps combined with a teaching position at the university, which is also something I would be open to. So far, I’m very happy with the choices I have made. I like the city and its surroundings, it’s all very manageable. I can even ride my bike to the university, which is like the opposite side of the spectrum compared to the vast city of Sydney.”

Other testimonials

  • Grant Meyer
    Grant Meyer, Student Ambassador Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology 2016-2017
    “I really try to explore different ways of seeing things and this research master enables me to widen my horizons.”
  • Veerle Spronck_Research Master_Cultures of Arts, Sciences and Technology (Research)
    Veerle Spronck, Cultures of Arts, Sciences and Technology (Research)
    The programme showed me what it means to actually be a researcher
  • maximillan_matuschka
    Maximilian Matuschka (Belgium/Germany), Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology
    The programme teaches you how to formulate a question and choose the appropriate method and material to answer the question