Eleonora Broggi (Italy), bachelor's in Biomedical Sciences
The UK universities offer English-taught programmes, but mainly to UK students. In my classroom we have students from all parts of the world

Studying at Maastricht University (UM) is a personalised, life enriching experience that prepares you for the future, both professionally as personally. Our bachelor’s and master’s programmes are designed for students who have an intrinsic curiosity in human behaviour and health. Students ‘who want to go the extra mile’ on a professional and/or personal level. What’s your extra mile?

“I wanted to study abroad in an English-taught programme and looked at universities in the UK and the Netherlands. I came to Maastricht for an Open Day and Experience Day, but also went to the UK. 

My first impression of the UM was of its welcoming, friendly atmosphere and the amazing programme they offer you. Deciding factors besides the contents of the programme were also the international environment and the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) method. The UK universities offer English-taught programmes, but mainly to UK students. In my classroom we have students from all parts of the world.

I’m passionate about the research side of health and want to specialise in neuro-epigenetic research, how the external environment influences the brain. This university is very strong in neurosciences research, so I feel at home here. I’m in my second year of the bachelor’s now and I’m very enthusiastic. I’ve already given presentations twice to prospective students at my former high school in Milan about this programme and how unique it is to study here. The step to become student ambassador for the programme was a logical one for me.

So far, I’m positively impressed by everything I experience in my study and my life here. Due to PBL I’ve faced many challenges and stepped out of my comfort zone. In my future career, I want to become a researcher in neuroscience or immunology and hold a management position in an organisation. But for now, I need to focus on my studies, because I’ve also been selected for the Honours Programme of the faculty. Life is exciting!”

Eleonora posts weekly on Instagram about her experiences during the bachelor's programme and her life in Maastricht. She's also happy to answer your questions about the programme and about (student) life in Maastricht.

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