Takumi Weegels (Dutch/Japanese), European Public Health
The programme's European angle is unique, as other public health programmes focus much more on the national system of that one particular country.

Studying at Maastricht University (UM) is a personalised, life enriching experience that prepares you for the future, both professionally as personally. Our bachelor’s and master’s programmes are designed for students who have an intrinsic curiosity in human behaviour and health. Students ‘who want to go the extra mile’ on a professional and/or personal level. What’s your extra mile?

“My family has always been travelling between Asia and Europe and I love that multicultural experience. I studied Biology for one year in Germany, but that was too much science for me. I was looking for a programme which focussed more on the human side, behaviour, lifestyle and social aspects.

I visited the Open Day in Maastricht and was drawn to the international character of the programme. Its European angle is unique, as other public health programmes focus much more on the national system of that one particular country. With my background, I really wanted that international and intercultural approach.

That international approach is also reflected by the classroom. There are so many nationalities, even from outside Europe. I like that. I’m in my second year now, in which we dive into more specific topics in the various fields. Currently we are looking at the effects of lifestyle. We’ve been to visit the European Commission and will also go to the University of Krakow, Poland for a week. In my last semester, I will go on exchange to Hong Kong. That will be an interesting experience on all accounts!

After my bachelor’s I would like to do a master’s but I’m not sure in which programme yet. I would like to learn more about the impact of urban development design on public health.”

Takumi posts weekly on Instagram about his experiences during the bachelor's programme and his life in Maastricht. He's also happy to answer your questions about the programme and about (student) life in Maastricht.

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