Malin Hollaar (the Netherlands), Governance and Leadership in European Public Health
I really want to improve professionally to become the best possible version of myself

Studying at Maastricht University (UM) is a personalised, life enriching experience that prepares you for the future, both professionally as personally. Our bachelor’s and master’s programmes are designed for students who have an intrinsic curiosity in human behaviour and health. Students ‘who want to go the extra mile’ on a professional and/or personal level. What’s your extra mile?

“I did my bachelor’s in Health and Society in Wageningen. After my graduation, I took a gap year to be on the committee of a youth association, which I’d joined during my study. I found out that I really liked the management side of it. It triggered me to look for a health-related master’s programme with that focus. 

When I was looking for suitable master’s programmes I was immediately drawn to the European angle of this programme. Learning from other countries, collaborating where possible, discussing whether something could work for the Netherlands as it did in other countries. In this programme we focus a lot on leadership development. We have very interesting guest lecturers who give you a good understanding of possible career paths, lots of practical examples and leadership tips.

I chose this programme because of its contents, the opportunities for personal development, the amount of skills training and the many guest lecturers. I’m also a great fan of the Problem-Based Learning teaching method. And last but not least, the city of Maastricht has a great atmosphere and so many things to offer to students.

I’m very interested in learning more about public campaigns. What works and what doesn’t work. In my view there is still so much to gain in this field. I would love to have a leading role in that, designing and implementing campaigns, monitoring them, experiencing change in society. Significantly contributing to important societal issues, like mental health awareness for example, is what drives me.”


 Malin posts weekly on Instagram about her experiences during the master's programme and her life in Maastricht.

She's also happy to answer your questions about the programme and about (student) life in Maastricht via DM on Instagram


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