Marie-Louise Beekmans (the Netherlands), University College Maastricht
I have been more confident than ever to speak out for my opinion, but also to approach others to ask for help.

More confident than ever to speak out for my opinion
My first impression of UCM was that your voice counts; during tutorials, in the common room, in a committee, but also in the greater board of the university. I have been more confident than ever to speak out for my opinion, but also to approach others to ask for help. UCM allows for open conversation and provides a safe environment.

Extremely helpful in expanding my knowledge
I chose UCM mainly because of its international character, the PBL system and the open curriculum of course. So far, I have made many international friends, travelled with them to their countries and improved my English and knowledge of other countries greatly.

The open curriculum has allowed me to follow not only courses I have loved, but also has helped me figure out the academic path I want to follow. Because of the interdisciplinary approach of UCM, I even have followed courses outside of my concentration that have been extremely helpful in expanding my knowledge.

Study more effectively
I personally love the PBL system, as it allows me to study more effectively and get a deeper understanding of the ‘dry’ readings regarding the topic. The interactivity, the discussions, and the explanation by other students (both in the form of knowledge and examples) allow for greater comprehension and helps you develop certain skills as giving feedback and remaining calm during debates.

Every course I make at least one new friend
Because we study in such small tutorial groups, the contact between you and your tutor and fellow students is very personal. Every course I make at least one new friend just by being in the same tutorial together for multiple weeks. Also, as everyone is on first-name basis, the tutor of the course usually is open, even after the course, to help out with academic papers et cetera.

Next to studying at UCM I was part of the UM cheerleading team last year. I general I love working out, hanging out with friends (both in the sense of chilling and partying), gymnastics (which I am also going to do at UM next semester) and reading. Furthermore, I also am part of the Refugee Project Maastricht, where I teach Dutch to people seeking refuge in the Netherlands.

It kind of has a ‘village-y’ feel to it
Maastricht is a perfect city where on the one hand you have more than enough possibilities to do fun stuff, go out, shop, etcetera, but also to get away from the business of life. As it kind of has a ‘village-y’ feel to it. When you cycle through the city you are guaranteed to run into people you know. It is also pretty small, making it really accessible and easy to get everywhere by bike. Furthermore, Maastricht is a very old city and many would definitely describe as a very pretty, historical city.

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