Ambre Derumier (France), University College Maastricht
My first semester at UCM confirmed that I made the right choice.

Being part of challenging discussions
The choice for Maastricht specifically had been driven by the use of the PBL system and the very broad course catalogue. Looking back into my high school years I noticed that the fact of being active in my learning process had been of the factor that allowed me to succeed and helped the acquisition of knowledge as well as keeping me interested in my studies.

The really good ranking of UCM also played a role and assured me that I was going to be taught with quality. My first semester at UCM confirmed that I made the right choice, PBL motivated me to do my readings and to be active in class, and I really enjoyed being part of challenging discussions with people from various backgrounds.

I personally really like PBL
I personally really like PBL because I need to be active in my learning process, and discussing my finding with others, the possibility to ask question and debate on the materials that we’ve been given are really helping me remembering and understanding the content of the course.

I am never bored
When integrating at UCM I was agreeably surprised to notice the real individual support we received from the staff members. I immediately perceived UCM as an open-minded and active community where it was easy to meet people and be involve in a lot of extracurricular activities and clubs.

Even though UCM is very demanding, my student life is also quite busy. I do see friends a lot, at uni but also for dinners, lunches, parties. For me it’s really important to not only focus on studying as you need to take care and enjoy yourself and to release the stress. I am also part of a student association as well as the sport association, so I can say I am never bored!

Maastricht is totally different from what I was used to
I have never lived in a big city, coming from a village in a rural part of France so for me Maastricht is totally different from what I was used to. One of my favourite things is the fact that you can use your bike to go everywhere and that once in the city centre everything is at walking distance. Maastricht got a wide range of shops to answer all your needs and, by being a student city there is something to do every day. Something that I also really appreciate is its central position in Europe; many airports nearby, Belgium and Germany accessible even by bike, good train and buses network.

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