Roubitha David (France), European Public Health
For me, the uniqueness of the bachelor's in European Public Health lies mainly with the European context included in the curriculum

"After high school, I realised that my interest in healthcare was broader than just medicine and the human anatomy. I was intrigued by how health systems and various dimensions of healthcare worked in different countries. That was the moment that I found the domain of Public Health!

The bachelor’s programme in European Public Health offered by Maastricht University was the first one to retain my attention. For me, the uniqueness of this programme lies mainly with the European context included in the curriculum. The small and international cohorts further enrich the study programme by offering you possibilities to analyse the different public health systems in your country. What makes the programme attractive as well, is its multidisciplinary approach (as is Public Health). The first year, for example, covers topics ranging from infectious diseases to the functioning of the European Union Institutions!

It is unfortunate that there isn't much awareness of this innovative programme. Nor of the job opportunities for Public Health professions, despite the growing need for them. So I recommend prospective students to take part in initiatives like an Experience Day and Open Day at Maastricht University, as that is the best way to learn what the programme entails and why a career in Public Health is worth considering.

After my master’s degree, I plan to join an institution where my knowledge on Public Health and technical skills acquired at Maastricht University will be used to help developing countries to adapt their health policies to provide adequate healthcare."

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    Dimitri Eerens (Belgium), European Public Health
    EPH embraces a multidisciplinary approach: you look at public health through the eyes of a clinician, a legal expert and an epidemiologist
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    The programme's European angle is unique, as other public health programmes focus much more on the national system of that one particular country.
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    Natalia Wasowska, European Public Health
    Living and studying abroad is a completely different experience than just travelling: it makes me a more independent and a stronger person than I was before