Shelly Tsui, Student Ambassador European Studies on Society, Science and Technology 2016-2017
“In my future career, working in consultancy or conducting research, I will greatly benefit from the open-mindedness which is cultivated and highly valued here.”

Shelly is from Sint Maarten and chose to stay at Maastricht University for the master’s programme European Studies on Society, Science and Technology, after her bachelor’s degree in Arts and Culture. “I’m a very dedicated and passionate student and this programme allows me to explore an activist way of looking at the dynamics of science and technology in society. What makes the ES programme so unique is that we have people coming from all different disciplinary backgrounds and everyone is open to learning about what everyone has to say about their own field of expertise. My goal right now is to improve my analytical and critical thinking skills with regard to understanding exactly how science and technology are related to society.  And I feel that the ES programme because of its wide range of courses allows me to do that.”

Other testimonials

  • Inger Rutten, Student Ambassador European Studies on Society, Science and Technology 2018-2019
    “In this programme you find yourself at the crossroads of society & culture and science & technology. With everything that is going on in today’s world, I cannot think of a more interesting place to be!”
  • Florieke Bogaarts
    Florieke Bogaarts, Student ambassador European Studies on Society, Science and Technology 2017-2018
    I would like to raise awareness about the growing influence of technology and science on people’s lives and the possible downsides of that development.
  • Maartje Zaal2
    Maartje Zaal, European Studies on Society, Science and Technology
    After finishing my bachelor in European Public Health (EPH), I was looking for a more critical master which focuses on why our society looks the way it looks today. I wanted to go deeper into the “system” to be able to change it and hereby improve the health and sustainability of our society.
  • MA Testimonials - Erika Boeing
    Erika Boeing (United States), European Studies on Society, Science & Technology
    ESST offered me the opportunity to take a step back and learn more about how technology affects society and how society determines which technologies are accepted