Johanna Breuer, Student Ambassador Research Master European Studies 2016-2017
“This research master teaches you to think in an abstract way, which is necessary to understand the problems and challenges the EU faces.”

Johanna is from Germany and chose to come to Maastricht University for the research master’s programme European Studies. “I’m very interested in political science and mostly theories. After my bachelor’s degree in European Studies at the University of Passau in Germany, I wanted to progress to an English-taught master study because in that way, you’re better prepared for the future, even though it’s quite demanding. It’s challenging to read a lot and think about what you’ve read in an abstract way but it’s actually worth it because I think I’ve learned more already than during my years as a bachelor. My ambition after my master’s degree is to pursue a PhD and to work in the academic environment.”

Other testimonials

  • Mira Seyfettinoglu, Student Ambassador Research master European Studies 2018-2019
    "Great things never happen when you stay in your comfort zone".
  • Eva Durlinger
    Eva Durlinger, Student ambassador Research master European Studies 2017-2018
    The interdisciplinary and international approach of the programme, with politics, history, culture and economics makes it super interesting.