Gabriëlla Warning (Curaçao), Mental Health
Next to my dream of becoming a clinical psychologist, I also see myself as a researcher. Perhaps I’ll become a part-time researcher and psychologist

Gabriëlla is from Curaçao and chose to stay in Maastricht for the master’s programme in Mental Health. “I did my bachelor’s in Maastricht as well and graduated in Health Sciences. I liked Maastricht so much that I wanted to pursue a master’s programme at the same university.

Health Sciences is a very broad programme but in my second year I already chose the Mental Health specialisation because that’s always been where my interests lie. For me, it was very clear early on that this was the field I wanted to specialise in. I also have a passion for research, so next to my dream of becoming a clinical psychologist, I also see myself as a researcher. Perhaps I will work part-time at the university in future, and part-time as a clinical psychologist, who knows.

Right now, I’m enjoying every minute of my studies. The programme is demanding but also so much more rewarding. The group of students is highly motivated, and you’re constantly working on assignments, discussing, exchanging ideas and experiences. The whole set-up of the tutorials also teaches you a lot of social skills, which are very useful in everyday life.

I’m very happy in Maastricht. The people are very friendly and the city is warm and welcoming. Coming from Curaçao that warm atmosphere was definitely what I was looking for. Choosing Maastricht University and this particular master’s programme has been the best choice of my life so far.”

Gabriëlla posts weekly on Facebook about her experiences during the master's programme and her life in Maastricht. She's happy to answer your questions about the programme and about (student) life in Maastricht.

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