Natalie Kafi (Germany), Governance and Leadership in European Public Health
There is still so much to gain: introducing programmes, raising awareness

Natalie is German/Iranian and chose to stay in Maastricht for the master’s programme in Governance and Leadership in European Public Health. “I did my bachelor’s in European Public Health in Maastricht as well and immediately applied for a master’s programme here too. I’m a great fan of the Problem-Based Learning method and of Maastricht, so it was an easy decision.

I love studying and living abroad and getting to know different cultures. During my bachelor’s I went on an exchange to Istanbul for four months and I wrote my thesis during a four-month placement in a hospital clinic in Barcelona. I chose this master’s programme because I was especially attracted to the governance and leadership component of the programme.

In the tutorial group there are students from various other European countries which allows for many different angles during discussions. That’s one thing I like so much about Problem-Based Learning. It really broadens your view because of the different backgrounds, cultural as well as academically, in the classroom.

After my master’s I would like to start as a trainee in a leading European Public Health institution and then work my way up. In a leading position I can make a difference, raise awareness about healthy lifestyles, and reduce health inequality. My favourite topics are sports and nutrition, and mental health.”

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