Juan Sánchez Ordiales - Universidad de Sevilla
I strongly recommend the experience to everyone!

My experience at Maastricht University was great. In the first place, the organisation of the university at the different levels (administration, teaching, sports…) was unbeatable. We didn’t have to worry about tuitions, registration or deregistration as the university offered us a person from the International Relations Office who dealt with all these things. To mention: the university takes administrative rules very seriously, so you better not take a watch to an exam (for example) or you will have to face a decision from the board of examiners.

Secondly, facilities and available resources were on point. Inner city and Randwyck libraries were well equipped and opening hours fitted students’ needs. Classrooms were comfortable and provided nowadays technology which allowed dynamic meetings. The new Randwyck sports center is a wonder in the middle of the studying dessert: you can eat, practice sports, tidy yourself up, and study without moving away from the very same building.

On the academic sphere, the PBL approach may not be one of my favorites studying systems, but what I love from it is that it boosts and bolsters autonomy, and does not trap you in a closed scientific area, but widens it through students’ debate (always prompted by a teacher and under scientific guidance).

Finally, staff at the university was prepared and in line with the Dutch character: very kind, formal and always willing to help. Pragmatic, accurate and with a great common sense, always contributed to a solution for a given problem.

I strongly recommend the experience to everyone!

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