Muthoni Mwaura (Kenya), Global Health
I plan on going back to Kenya, work for an NGO and contribute towards the greater good by implementing health-related projects

“I did my bachelor’s in Canada in Health Science with a specialisation in health promotion. After my study I participated in a health promotion project for the Kenyan Red Cross society. For a while I was interested in Public Health as a future study topic, but then someone mentioned the master’s programme Global Health in Maastricht to me...

When someone mentioned the Global Health master’s programme at Maastricht University to me, I immediately googled it and found a course pack that would give me a broader perspective of health in a local context but in a global world. That is very useful if you want to pursue a career in NGOs or civil society organisations. Everything I read appealed to me so much that I didn’t even consider any other universities. And now that I’m here, it makes perfect sense to be part of this programme even though it’s challenging after one year of not studying.

In this programme you have the opportunity to work with peers on a global scale, exchanging information, working on projects. That is very rewarding. I also enjoy the convenient lifestyle in Maastricht, a city which is very easy to navigate. The only problem I ran into was opening a Dutch bank account, but then again, everyone at the university is eager to help, so you need not be afraid to ask for help. After my master’s I want to work for a civil service organisation or NGO in Kenya, contributing towards implementing health-related projects. I really want to contribute to a greater good in my home country.”

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