Emmanuelle Blanchet (Canada), Health Education and Promotion
I would like to work in a health promoting company, in projects related to a variety of health issues, serving local communities and youth in particular

“I was looking for a master’s programme with a strong focus on behavioural and social aspects. It had to be a 1-year programme and in Europe. This programme in Maastricht fitted the bill in every detail.

After my bachelor’s degree in Physical and Health Education in Canada, I went to Thailand as a certified teacher for over a year. I taught physical and health education at a primary school but soon learned that your efforts are in fact useless if there are no tools or resources available. It made me switch to teaching primary English and maths to the children. However, it also made me realise that a profound behavioural change is necessary and that there is still a profound lack of knowledge about motor development and health issues like obesity, even in a country like Thailand. For me, this was the starting point of my search for a master’s programme that would enable me to work in health promoting projects in communities, with a special focus on youth. Children are more malleable and their behaviour can still be modified quite easily towards a healthier lifestyle.

I looked at several programmes at various universities, but most master’s studies were 2-year programmes with a heavy focus on your thesis. Coming from Canada and having lived in South-East Asia, I also had my eyes set on Europe. In this programme at Maastricht University, the focus lies on behaviour, youth and social aspects. It’s also a very concise and intense programme which was exactly what I was looking for.”

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