Anna Leppers (Germany), Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management
I want to be the linking pin between doctors and managers in order to improve hospital processes, benefiting the patients

“Actually, I am doing a two-year Double Degree Programme Cologne-Maastricht. I have completed my first year of this programme in Health Economics in Cologne – where I also did my bachelor’s in Health Economics – and now I have started my second year of the programme in Maastricht: the master’s in Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management. When I was offered a place in this double degree programme, I knew I had to take this opportunity.

After my bachelor’s degree and first part of the Double Degree Master's Programme (both in Health Economics), I’m now particularly pleased to learn more about innovation and policy aspects in healthcare. I had a lot of friends that spoke highly of Maastricht University, the international atmosphere, the city itself and the surrounding countryside, so I was really excited to start the second part of my master’s programme here. I’m very pleased with the personal attention given to students here, and the opportunities to discuss issues with staff members. Problem-based learning was new for me, but it really helps you absorb everything you learn in a very natural manner.

Another aspect I value is the opportunity to go abroad when writing your thesis. I'm thinking of applying for an internship in a hospital in Ghana, where I could hopefully make a valuable contribution to improving the organisational structure.

My goal is to start as a management trainee in a hospital or large healthcare provider, to gain work experience in several domains. In future, I see myself working in a management department of a hospital, finding ways to improve processes in a way that benefits both the managers as well as the doctors. The more they understand each other’s priorities, the smoother the organisation will run, which will in turn benefit the patients. I would like to be that linking pin.”

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