Tine Raskin (Belgium), Mental Health
With this study I’m more versatile as a psychiatric nurse. The scientific basis gives my work a profound depth

“I chose this master’s programme because it’s a perfect fit with my job as a psychiatric nurse. After a transitional year, I have now officially started with the master’s programme.

For several years now I’ve been working in the Belgian province of Limburg as a member of a mobile crisis team in my capacity as a psychiatric nurse. I make tens of house calls each month. I find my work very interesting and I love the hands-on side of it. On the other hand, I started to experience a lack of theoretical background which made me decide to go and look for a complementary study. This master’s programme Mental Health is ideally suited for me with my four-day job. The programme requires 1 day at the university, with compulsory practice-based work on the other days. Since I already had a job, I could easily integrate the programme in my normal working week. I did some research into other master’s studies, but none offered the equivalent of this.

So far, I’m very happy with my choice. We are an extremely motivated group of students. In my study group I’m the only one with a job prior to the start of the study, the others come from another master’s programme. This allows for a nice interaction between knowledge from a different angle and my practical experience. That reciprocity is great. I’m also very pleased with the small-scale character of the programme. The teaching staff is very approachable and feedback is very much accepted, both giving and receiving. That teachers actually listen and act upon feedback is something that I personally think is very special.”

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