Leonie Heron (United Kingdom), Epidemiology
As an epidemiologist you have the potential to improve people’s everyday life

Leonie Heron is from the United Kingdom and chose to come to Maastricht for the master’s programme in Epidemiology. Leonie: “After my bachelor’s degree in Human Biology at Queen’s University in Belfast, I wanted to work and go abroad to find out if a master’s programme would be beneficial. After a year or so, I was convinced that specialisation is necessary if you want to find your dream job. That’s when my search for the perfect master’s programme started.

During my bachelor’s programme in Human Biology, I was fascinated by maths and statistics and how you could combine these two to improve people’s health. But first, I wanted to go abroad and gain some working experience. I went to Spain through a European voluntary organisation and taught English for nine months at a primary school in Galicia, in the North of Spain. I really enjoyed living in another country, but at the same time I realised I had to take up studying again because I found out that an academic career was what interested me more than anything else.

Epidemiology seemed a fascinating programme that would suit my personal interests best and I was drawn to Maastricht because of its international and open atmosphere. Besides, I already knew people studying at Maastricht University. The only other place would have been London, but looking at the costs, to name just one aspect, that was not very appealing. The problem-based learning method in Maastricht, the small groups and the international classroom were all very appealing to me and now that I’m here, I am very happy with my choice. Also, my fellow students are very helpful because after a two-year gap, studying again in a very concise and intense programme takes some getting used to.”

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