I chose Maastricht because I wanted to try the PBL educational system: I thought it was going to be good, but instead it was fantastic!

I always wanted to be an exchange student, going to study abroad was my dream and I realised it coming to Maastricht. In some way I knew a bit what to expect, but this experience surprised me anyhow..!

I chose Maastricht because I wanted to try the PBL educational system: I thought it was going to be good, but instead it was fantastic, for a person that is curious about the subject that he’s studying this system is all you can ask from a university. All the hours spent in tutorials will improve your language and communication skills, and you also usually create a nice group to have fun with.

The city is not big, but I personally like this aspect: when you meet somebody new that you like, there is a chance you will see him again by chance, and meeting for a coffee doesn’t require hours of travel, but a 15 minutes bike ride top. Even if the city centre is not big you will always find something going on during the night: every week there are many parties organized by locals or associations, and they are of any kind, from salsa to electro, from hip hop to reggae.

Being Maastricht close to the borders, travelling to Belgium, Germany, France or even the UK will be really easy, so whenever you will have a weekend off from studying you will get the chance to see many beautiful capitals and cities of central Europe. In addition to that, the closer airports will offer really cheap Ryanair flights to pretty much wherever in rest of Europe, so there is the chance that with 20 euros you can get a round trip to Spain or Finland if you want to.

For sure to adapt to a new culture is not always easy, but the city of Maastricht deal with this change really well, because you will find people from all over the world, and you will never feel alone! The friendships that you will build in Erasmus will last for a long, long time, because you will have shared an incredible experience that will make you feel close even when you will be apart!

Other testimonials

  • fpn_kateryna_shkuropat.jpg
    ­­There is definitely something about the river Maas, that by walking along its shores only once, you inevitably have to come back.
  • fpn_juan_sanchez_ordiales.jpg
    I strongly recommend the experience to everyone!
  • fpn_lorenzo_ciccione.jpg
    If I have to sum up my experience at the faculty I would say that I really felt considered and taken into account