­­There is definitely something about the river Maas, that by walking along its shores only once, you inevitably have to come back.

Maastricht is literally the best place for an exchange period/year, because the concepts of exchange, sharing, and intercultural dialogue are in its nature. Art, science, culture, history, traditions and innovations are blended here in one incredible mixture.

It offers you literally tons of things to discover, regardless of your tastes and preferences. It has fancy shops and classy restaurants, as well as hipster squats in the abandoned factory buildings with live concerts and free vegan dinners. The university has multitude of sport clubs representing anything, from horseback riding to table-tennis, but you always can come to the open courts by the river, where locals and internationals gather to skate, dance, play basketball, tennis, etc. Festivals of music, food, museums, cinema, and so on will keep you busy throughout the whole year.

Being the southernmost city of Netherlands, it combines the best features from the neighboring Belgium and Germany as well. Would you like to go on the spontaneous weekend to Bruges? Or on a hitchhiking day-trip to Dusseldorf? How about spending the carnival in Cologne? Or visiting Christmas market in Aachen? It all (and more) is possible in Maastricht due to its central location.

Here you can find whatever you want, and if not – just post on local FB group called “Sharing is caring”, and someone will definitely help you out. The community here is incredibly welcoming and people are nice. Last year I came here for an exchange semester, and couldn’t help applying for a full-time programme. Now I am completing a Master’s in Neuropsychology, currently writing my thesis in the department of Cognitive Neuroscience. The experiment our research group is conducting involves MRI (how awesome is that?!). I remember choosing Maastricht University quite spontaneously and with no actual research on the city, university, and things like that, but now I see that I couldn’t be luckier in my decision.

Kateryna Shkuropat
Maastricht University
Tallinn University of Technology
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Other testimonials

  • fpn_lorenzo_galli.jpg
    I chose Maastricht because I wanted to try the PBL educational system: I thought it was going to be good, but instead it was fantastic!
  • fpn_juan_sanchez_ordiales.jpg
    I strongly recommend the experience to everyone!
  • fpn_lorenzo_ciccione.jpg
    If I have to sum up my experience at the faculty I would say that I really felt considered and taken into account