Shaun Matsheza, Editor, Almere, the Netherlands
I feel that Media Studies: Digital Cultures has prepared me fully for my work

The master's programme in Media Studies: Digital Cultures was extremely demanding, but I think this was the best way to fully prepare for life in a professional environment such as the one I work in, as a content strategist in the Media for Development field.

As opposed to only teaching you fixed knowledge, the programme helps you learn 'how to learn' and how to keep up with new trends and problems in a space that is constantly shifting due to the accelerated advancement of technology.  

While the programme also includes elements of traditional methods, the combination with evolving innovative developments made for a complete package that still serves me well to this day.  

Other testimonials

  • Betty Tkadlčiková
    Betty Tkadlčiková, Student Ambassador Media Studies: Digital Cultures 2016-2017
    “I’m looking forward to making a living by doing what I love to do most.”