Tom O’Sullivan (UK), Human Movement Sciences
I would like to research the effects of physical activity and lifestyle on people’s health

“After getting my bachelor’s in Sports and Exercise from the University of Bath, I looked at master’s programmes in the UK, Scandinavia and at other Dutch universities. In the end, this programme at Maastricht University was the best fit for me. The focus on the internship, which takes up about 50% of this programme, really sets it apart from other universities. I also liked the content of the course, the fact that it’s a one-year programme and the prospect of living in Maastricht. The reputation of the university is very good, which also boosts your CV.

My dream is to work in research, combatting obesity and diabetes and studying the effects of physical activity and lifestyle on people’s health. After my master’s degree, I hope to find a PhD position studying metabolic health. The greatest challenge so far has been finding accommodation. But the Facebook groups are very helpful and the university posts lots of useful information on the internet. There’s a really good student community here. During my bachelor’s study, I visited Maastricht a few times, so the first thing I did this time was bring my bike on the ferry!

I’m very happy with my choice for this master’s programme and now that I’ve warmed up to talking in public, which the Problem-Based Learning method requires you to do, I clearly see the benefits. For one thing, you understand everything so much better if you have to explain it to someone else. This is entirely new to me, coming from a programme where I just listened to lectures in large classes.”

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